Welcome to my blog ~ Phoenyx Rising ~  I am  a Twin, a sister, daughter, friend, mom, Nana, Chihuahua mama, biker, Survivor, lover of nature, Author, Child and Animal Rights Advocate/Activist and Actor who also fights for Deaf and Disabled rights/accessibility and equality.  I love a person for who they are inside, for their heart and soul, not their gender.. I am grateful for each sunrise and every breath I take. I am strong and wise, courageous and beautiful. My moccasins have journeyed many trails to this amazing place I stand today.

Like the legendary Phoenix, I too have been reborn…Reborn from the ashes of my pain into the beautiful woman I was meant to be ~ Today, today I am free and happier than I have ever been ~

Please feel free to visit my personal website at:  https://leeroberts.weebly.com/


In 2005 I attended the FCADV (Florida Coalition on Domestic Violence) workshop at Sunrise of Pasco Inc. and received my CORE COMP Certificate. It was an amazing workshop filled with intense learning and knowledge shared. I also took another 6 hour course to supplement the rest of the hours and fulfilled the rest of the required training….Although the CORE COMP CERTIFICATE  is good only in DV/SA shelters it helps having had the courses for personal enrichment with my background experience as a survivor…I take (free, online, go at your own pace) courses that correlate to the areas of my advocacy as they become available.

CORE COMPETENCY TRAINING: provides twenty-four hours of the thirty-hours of training required of certified domestic violence center advocates and volunteers in order to qualify for victim/advocate privileged communications under Florida law. Topics to be addressed include: foundations of the battered women’s movement, survivor- focused advocacy, complexities of advocacy, domestic violence and it’s impact on children and self-care

“There is HOPE, there is healing and there is HOPE in healing. Take my hand and let me walk with you.” Lee Roberts



Nothing in this blog should be construed as medical or legal advice. I am just a woman sharing her journey through the trails and trials of  life. My opinions and thoughts contained within this blog are just that ~ mine. Who else would they belong to?

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