Update on Lakota’s journey…

Lakota is sleeping more, as expected. . He is weaker, not wanting to really eat much anymore. He has been going to the bathroom (pooping) it seems nearly non stop when he isn’t resting. I know that is wearing him out too bless his heart. Me, I am so far beyond exhausted and hanging on by a thread here.
I am right behind him cleaning up and mopping. When he goes he is losing more blood in his stool. I have to follow him when he gets up to go to make sure he doesn’t eat it…he has reverted to primal instinct here the past week with that…I know that his time is coming very near.  I know that Otis knows too and he whines looking at Lakota then to me and back to Lakota. An appointment is set for this Friday, September 2, 2016 with our vet where I will have the honor of escorting my precious Lakota to the Rainbow Bridge where Maximillian, Cougar 7 toes, Boo-Boo, Eskimo and other special friends await him.
If you can assist us with the funds for this journey it would be tremendously appreciated. You can also donate directly to Lakota’s account with Dr. Donald Pyle at the Animal Health Center here in Crestview, FL.  
Thank you all so very much for your ongoing prayers, donations, shares and love for my precious loving boy ❤

Please help Lakota my service dog & best friend <3

Lakota’s Emergency Surgery Fund

Lakota is my Service Dog and is literally my lifeline.  He works to help me thru Depression, PTSD and anxiety.  Lakota has been with me since December 2005 when he was just 8 weeks old. Anyone that has met Lakota knows what a gentle, loving spirit he has and he loves everyone and just how much he does for me.  I would be lost without him…

Lakota is now very sick and I am reaching out for assistance for my best friend.  Two weeks ago I took him to the PAWS Clinic for his annual Rabies booster and check a rectal mass that appeared.

I am reaching out to all of you for help for my precious Lakota.
for the funds needed ASAP to help cover surgery and recovery.  I am documenting everything including taking photos for the vet and can share those privately for anyone wants to see before helping out.All funds donated will be utilized on Lakota’s emergency care,  biopsy surgery,  recovery and follow up care.  In turn, after Lakota is taken care of I will be able to help others.

All donations no matter the amount helps, and is deeply deeply appreciated. Please help Lakota, my Service Dog and my best friend get well so he can be 100% again. Please help me show Lakota love in return for all he does for me. He still has many good years and abundance of love to give…

Thank You So Much from the center of my heart.  I will post regular updates on our GoFundMe page as they happen.

Help spread the word!