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Cancer is the verdict


The pathology report came back and my precious boy has Cancer and it is very aggressive. I created a new campaign “Lakota’s Cancer Fund” to help us through this devastating and painful journey we now find ourselves on.  I am heartbroken and absolutely gutted.

Read more on Lakota’s journey on his GoFundMe link below where you can see the pathology report and follow  updates on how he is doing throughout his journey. 

We also deeply appreciate all Sharing, Prayers, Love and Donations that will help ease the journey in this chapter of Lakota’s life.

Lakota’s Cancer Fund

My precious Lakota.

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Blessings from our paws to yours ❤


So here is the latest…

LAKOTA UPDATE: The pathology report came back and my precious boy has Cancer. See my latest post for the latest information on Lakota and his journey.

Cancer is the verdict


Lakota Update: The biopsy was done yesterday. Lakota came thru ok. he is resting, has pain med and a couple other meds. Tissue sample sent to Pathologist and we get our results back the start of the week. Lakota’s Vet said that whatever this is, is very aggressive. Once the report is back we will have to tackle this fast, head on and hard.

We really need your help in sharing this campaign, donations, prayers, healing energy and love to get thru this.

Please, even if all you can do is share that is a huge help..

Lakota Surgery Fund

Lakota July5 2016

Everything, Every little bit helps…Thank you and bless you ❤